Mathematics with Java:  Software Installation Procedures
Mt Lebanon HS 2004-5
David Kosbie

Installing Java:

There are many different flavors of Java, and we will be using exactly one of them, so read these instructions very carefully!  In particular, we will be using Java J2SE 1.4.2 SDK.  This is a huge software package, of which we'll use a tiny fraction, but you must install the whole thing (oh well).  Also, as with all the software we use in this class, it is entirely free, so you may legally install the software anywhere you please.

To install Java, do the following:

  1. Go to the official download page for J2SE 1.4.2 SDK:
  2. Find the link, about halfway down, that reads "Download J2SE SDK".  Be sure it reads exactly that, as there are numerous other downloads on this page that you do not want!  When you are sure, click on that link.
  3. Read the license agreement and, if you are so inclined, accept the terms (click on the Accept button, then the Continue button).  If you decline the terms, you will not be able to install Java, in which case you should contact me.
  4. Click on "Windows Offline Installation, Multi-language (j2sdk-1_4_2_06-windows-i586-p.exe, 51.59 MB)".  This is a 51+ megabyte file, which will take a long time do download (if you have DSL or cable, that is; if you have a phone modem, it may well take forever, in which case you should contact me to obtain a CD with this download on it.  Download this file to your desktop.
  5. Once it has downloaded, double-click on the file j2sdk-1_4_2_06-windows-i586-p.exe on your desktop to install Java.  Accept all of the defaults -- do not change anything!
  6. After running the installation process, reboot your computer, and Java should be properly installed.

Installing JCreator:

There are also multiple versions of JCreator.  We will be using an older, free version, so that we are consistent with the version in the computer lab at school.  In particular, we will be using JCreator LE v2.50 Freeware.  To install JCreator, do the following:

  1. First, if you have not done so already, install Java (see instructions above).
  2. Do not go to the official download page for JCreator (this requires you to enter your name and email, which is not appropriate for high school students).  Instead, download the installer from here, and save it to your desktop:
  3. Once it has downloaded, double-click on the file setup-jcreator-2_50.exe on your desktop to install JCreator.  As with Java, accept all of the defaults.
  4. At this point, JCreator and Java should both be installed properly.  To test your installation, try the following:

    a)  Download the following file to your desktop:
    b)  Run JCreator
    c)  Open the file ""  (use File/Open, or its equivalent, ctrl-O).
    d)  Compile the file (use Build/Compile File, or its equivalent, alt-b alt-f).
    e)  Execute the file (use Build/Execute File, or its equivalent, alt-b alt-i).
    f)   Read the message that confirms that everything works.
    g)  If you do not get the message, send me email with as much information as possible about what happened (include any error messages you may have received, verbatim, and any other information you might be able to glean).