Programming and Computer Science in Java:
Quiz #2:   Lab Programs 1-6
    David Kosbie, 2002-2003
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Quiz Date:  Thu, Feb 20, 2003

Important note:  Quiz difficulty levels will increase with each of the first few quizzes.  That is, this quiz is quite a bit less difficult than future quizzes in this class.

Question 1:  Write the "Hello World" program (that is, a program which prints out one line of text which says "Hello World").

Question 2Write a Java program which reads in an integer and outputs whether that integer is positive, negative, or zero.

Question 3:  Write a Java program which reads in two integers, and outputs if they have the same sign or not.  Two integers have the same sign if they are both positive or if they are both negative.  You may handle 0 in any consistent manner you desire, so long as two 0's have the same sign.

Good luck!


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