Introduction to Computer Science:
    Sewickley Academy, 2000-2001

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Assignment Topic  Date Assigned Date Due
Assignment 47 Open Project (Blackjack, Othello, etc) Mon May-7 Wed May-16
Assignment 46 Tetris Fri Apr-27 Mon May-7
  In-class labs:  Introduction to 2D Graphics    
Assignment 45 CMU Graphics and Tic-Tac-Toe Thu Apr-12 Wed Apr-18
Assignment 44 QuickSort, RadixSort (lite) and Sorting Redux Mon Apr-2 Tue Apr-10
  Spring Break    
Assignment 43 HeapSort Tue Mar-13 Fri Mar-16
Assignment 42 Reading Week Special Assignment Mon Mar-5 Mon Mar-12
Assignment 41 More Quick Questions Mon Feb-26 Wed Feb-28
Assignment 40 Quick Questions Fri Feb-23 Mon Feb-26
Assignment 39 Two simple programs Wed Feb-21 Thu Feb-22
Assignment 38 Words.txt and vectors of strings Fri Feb-9 Thu Feb-15
Assignment 37 Hangouts:  Vectors, Matrices, and Strings Wed Feb-7 Fri Feb-9
Assignment 36 Palindromes Tue Feb-6 Wed Feb-7
Assignment 35 Simple Spellchecker Thu Feb-1 Fri Feb-2
Assignment 34 ELIZA-lite Wed Jan-31 Thu Feb-1
Assignment 33 UPC Code Check-Digit Tue Jan-30 Wed Jan-31
Assignment 32 Top-Seed Wins? Fri Jan-26 Mon Jan-29
Assignment 31 Kth Prime Wed Jan-24 Thu Jan-25
Assignment 30 Evaluating Poker Hands Thu Jan-18 Wed Jan-24
Assignment 29 Assignment 28 Redux Fri Jan-19 Tue Jan-23
Assignment 28 Hungry Mice and GPA Thu Jan-18 Fri Jan-19
Assignment 27 Extra Credit Wed Dec-20 Tue Jan-2
Assignment 26 Binary Search Wed Dec-13 Thu Dec-14
Assignment 25 Debugging Fundamentals / The Halting Problem Thu Dec-7 Fri Dec-8
Assignment 24 Sorting Review and Debugging Fundamentals Fri Dec-1 Wed Dec-6
Assignment 23 BubbleSort and MergeSort Tue Nov-21 Thu Nov-30
Assignment 22 For Loops, i++, and Recursion Fundamentals Sat Nov-18 Tue Nov-21
Assignment 21 InsertionSort Fri Nov-17 Mon Nov-20
Assignment 20 By-Reference vs. By-Value / SelectionSort Fri Nov-10 Tue Nov-14
Assignment 19 Random Numbers and Monte Carlo Methods Fri Nov-3 Mon Nov-6
Assignment 18 More on While Loops and Functions Tue Oct-31 Wed Nov-1
Assignment 17 While Loops and Functions Thu Oct-26 Fri Oct-27
Assignment 16 Reset:  Hello World Redux Tue Oct-24 Wed Oct-25
Assignment 15 apvector:  Histograms Fri Oct-20 Mon Oct-23
Assignment 14 More on apvector, Functions, and Sorting Wed Oct-18 Thu Oct-19
Assignment 13 apvector, Functions, and Sorting Fri Oct-13 Tue Oct-17
Assignment 12 Using apvector (min/max/average) Thu Oct-12 Fri Oct-13
Assignment 11 C++:  While Loops Tue Oct-10 Wed Oct-11
Assignment 10 Extra Credit:  Assembly Language FAQ Fri Sep-29 Tue Oct-3
Assignment 9 More Assembly Language Programming Tue Sep-26 Thu Sep-28
Assignment 8 SimpSim Assembly Language Programming Thu Sep-22 Tue Sep-26
Assignment 7 Reading:  Machine Architecture Wed Sep-20 Thu Sep-21
Assignment 6 Circuits in Digital Works Thu Sep-14 Mon Sep-15
Assignment 5 Hexadecimal conversion; Intro to Digital Works  Wed Sep-13 Thu Sep-14 
Assignment 4 Binary, Decimal, and ASCII conversions Mon Sep-11 Tue Sep-12
Assignment 3 More Circuits Fri Sep-8 Mon Sep-11 
Assignment 2 Truth Tables and Circuits Thu Sep-7 Fri Sep-8
Assignment 1 Truth Tables and Disjunctive Normal Form  Wed Sep-6 Thu Sep-7

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