Introduction to Computer Science:
Course Description
    Sewickley Academy, 2000-2001

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Introduction To Computer Science
One year, 5x, 1 credit.

This course provides a conceptual understanding of a broad cross-section of computer science.  Topics include digital circuitry, computer architecture, networking and Internet technologies, classic algorithms, algorithm and program design, and various social and ethical issues in computing.  Additional topics may include automata theory, complexity, computability, and topics in artificial intelligence.  This course assumes no prior computer programming experience, and will include a significant programming element, exposing students to various programming languages including Java (applets, applications, and servlets), JavaScript, assembly language, regular and context-free grammars, Lisp, and Prolog.

Instruction is a combination of lecture and hands-on experience, the bulk of the time spent in the design of solutions to problems.  Evaluation is based on test grades and demonstration of mastery of the material through assignments and projects.

Special note:  Due to the broad subject matter covered in this course, students may not receive sufficient depth of coverage in all areas included in the AP exams (A or AB) in Computer Science.  Students interested in taking that exam (A or AB) should follow this course with Advanced Placement Computer Science AB (554), for which this course will be a prerequisite starting in Fall of 2001.

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